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Flyboard Cairns is the Premier Flyboard Destination in Australia to learn to fly under our instruction & supervision. We are located at Marlin Marina in the heart of Cairns & at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Our year round tropical warmth & sun make us the best choice & ultimate location for your Flyboard experience.

Flyboarding IS for everyone! We've flown individuals from 16 to 75 with varying levels of health & fitness and up to 160 Kilograms! 


We'll have you up & flying quickly or you'll have your money back! We're the only company that offers this guarantee!


The hardest part is coming out to give it a crack, you don't need any experience we will help guide you one-on-one during your entire session! 


Which session is best for me, a 30 minute or a 60 minute?


The Flyboard, although remarkably intuitive, will require practice and repetition. We encourage all new-comers to try a 60 minute session in order to really maximize their Flyboarding experience. This gives the you more time to discover and practice different ariel stunts and enjoy more freestyling time.


During our 30 minute experience we break the session into 3 parts; Flying Basics, Stunt Development & Freestyle. You will have enough time to discover how incredible Flyboarding is and if it's right for you.


During our 60 minute experience we follow the same format as the 30 minute session, but the flyer has more time to develop their stunts and freestyle. 



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